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Benefits of using a Private Hire Driver Service

Use a Private Hire Driver Service Instead of Local Taxi

The 21st century puts so much pressure on our busy schedules as everyone tries to make the most out of their available time. Private Hire Driver Cardiff is a popular and convenient way to use quality cars for professional assignments, personal errands or events.

Executive Swift Travel provides a service when you need it at the most. We offer a fast and easy service that can pick you up and drop you off wherever you need to go.

In fact, corporate travel is a necessity for many companies to remain profitable. Instead of relying on taxis, companies often use private hire driver services to get back and forth to important appointments.

Private Hire Driver Cardiff

Your Private Hire Driver Cardiff is the most important element of our private hire experience. At Executive Swift Travel you will find fully trained highly competent drivers with excellent etiquette. Our drivers have thorough knowledge of the routes and areas that they are serving.

Our drivers have a dress code compliance and will make an excellent first impression to your business partners. They understand the needs of every client and will deal with any arising issues with respect and courtesy.

Unlike many regular taxis, Executive Swift Travel conduct background checks on all our drivers to ensure they are trustworthy and responsible.

Our transportation service includes privacy and confidentiality during your journey and any sensitive business conversations will never leave the confines of the vehicle.

Safe, Secure and Quality Vehicles

Executive Swift Travel offers only the best of high-class cars. This choice demonstrates our dedication to safety, ultimate comfort and highest technical standards. Our cars can hold up to 7 people (6 during the Covid-19 pandemic) to transport you to or from your destination around South Wales and nationally.

Our well-maintained vehicles are inspected daily and the probability of the vehicle having a mechanical problem is minimal. Executive Swift Travel has operational strategies to deal with traffic delays, mechanical problems and other unexpected issues.


When you are in a hurry to an important meeting, taxis can be unreliable to get you there on time. Instead, you can book a private hire driver service to arrive at a specific time to get you to your destination. Once you are finished with your meeting Executive Swift Travel will be right there waiting to pick you up.


When you think about a private hire driver service it may seem to be costly, but the reality is the opposite. The fact is, hiring a private service is slightly more expensive than using a regular taxi, but the service level you get is incomparable. Our private hire driver service is ideal for situations when you need to transfer between several business meetings or attend an event.

Most taxi services run on meters that indicate the expense of travel upon reaching your destination. Executive Swift Travel give you the benefit of knowing the overall costs beforehand, helping you plan your budget and avoid incurring unexpected costs. Executive Swift Travel also offers a monthly invoicing service, this means there isn’t any fuss making a payment on the day and make journeys as smooth as possible.

Personalised Routing

If you wish to visit several places or have specific destinations in mind, when booking give us details of your preferences and we will make up a plan based on your individual wishes.

Punctuality and Timesaving

Our clients know the value of time and if you have a tight schedule Executive Swift Travel will ensure that you arrive on time to a meeting, flight, show, dinner or other event.

If you end up driving your own car in an unknown city it can lead to delays and a shredding of your nerves. Instead, you can dedicate the journey time to preparing for your meeting or by relaxing.

You will not have to worry about parking near your destination as our driver will deliver you to the entrance and wait for you until you are ready to leave.

Local Insight and Support

Our drivers have an excellent knowledge of Cardiff and nearby areas and years of experience in avoiding traffic jams. If you need recommendations in choosing a restaurant or a place to visit, your driver will help as our team are all from the local area.

There are some fabulous places to visit in Cardiff and South Wales and with Executive Swift Travel you will be transported in style not relying on the rail or bus service which is full of uncertainties.

Flexible Customer All Inclusive Service

Executive Swift Travel offer you the best welcome after a long flight. We will meet and greet you at the terminal, offer to help you with your luggage as you look forward to a comfortable journey ahead.

We have flexible options for scheduling and booking. If your flight gets delayed or your business plans change, we will change your transportation service to meet your requirements.

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