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Impact Of COVID-19 On Public Transport

Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport Implications

How Safe Is it to Travel on Trains And Buses?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport restrictions have been put in place to limit transmission of the virus and ensure the safety of passengers and key workers. As the UK has now come out of lockdown and normal service has been continued on many routes we investigate whether it is safe to travel on public transport or should you take a private vehicle hire in Cardiff and South Wales.

A lot of the potential risk of infection on trains and buses depends on how crowded they are and if it is possible to social distance at stops, stations and on board.

Coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales small droplets packed with the virus into the air.

These droplets can enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth either directly or after touching a contaminated object. The risk of transmission is higher in enclosed spaces such as public transport.

Good ventilation helps the movement of air so being able to open windows on public transport can alleviate the problem.

Essential Travel Restriction On Public Transport Lifted In Wales

The Welsh Government lifted the essential travel restriction on public transport on Monday 17th August 2020 which opened trains and buses to more potential passengers.

The essential travel message was introduced to prioritise the travel of key workers as well as those with no alternative mode of transport.

The requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in Wales remains in place, although there are some exceptions such as being unable to wear one because of an illness.

Transport providers must cope with this new normal and its impact affects all areas from staffing, cleaning, and timetabling.

According to data from Google mobility reports, visitors to all public transit locations such as bus and train stations have still fallen compared to pre Covid-19. Now people do not trust being near others or in enclosed areas for a long period of time.

Covid-19 Passenger Advice When Using Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

The following advice is given to passengers whether they are traveling in private car hire in and around Cardiff.

  • Avoid gathering in groups and stay out of crowded spaces when possible, especially at stops
  • Continue social distancing and good hygiene measures including washing your hands before putting a face covering on and off
  • Using a mask when riding in a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • Sit in the back seat on the other side of the car from the driver to maximise social distancing
  • Avoid contact with surfaces frequently touched by others such as door frames, handles, windows, and other vehicle parts
  • Use contactless payment wherever possible
  • Use no-touch bins and doors when available
  • Place credit cards in a receipt tray rather than by hand if possible
  • Ask the driver to improve the ventilation in the vehicle if possible
  • After entering or leaving a vehicle use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
  • When you arrive at your destination wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport Advice

There are several steps that Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport suggest that passengers undertake to reduce their risk of infection:

  • Avoid transport if coughing or if already health comprised
  • Sit alone
  • Avoid touching anything if possible (including handrails and straps)
  • If you choose to wear masks or gloves, then change them frequently
  • Commute during non-peak times
  • Consider alternative modes of transport such as walking and e-bikes (cleaning the handlebars before use)
  • Take a less busy route and reduce the number of changes
  • Buy a ticket in advance where possible or use contactless payment
  • Keep at least 2 meters away from people “where possible” and take “suitable precautions”
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after completing your journey

How we, at Executive Swift Travel, are working through Covid-19

Executive Swift Travel abide by the taxi safety charter which includes:

  • All passengers and drivers must wear a face covering
  • We keep a bottle of 60% alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel in the vehicle
  • We avoid handling cash and accept all major debit and credit cards
  • No passengers can sit in the front of the vehicle
  • We keep the vehicle well ventilated and open windows when possible

After each passenger journey the cars are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned using antibacterial sprays, which include:

  • Doors and door handles
  • Seats and seat belts
  • Charging points and leads
  • Exterior of hand sanitiser bottles
  • Card payment devices
  • The rear of the front seats and other surface the passenger(s) may have touched or coughed/sneezed on

We reserve the right to deny service should potential passengers have symptoms such as a persistent cough, high temperature or loss of sense of smell and/or taste.

A full Welsh Government report can be found here:

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