Valentine's Day Chauffeur Service

Valentine’s Gift

Choosing the right Valentine’s gift whether you have been with your beau for a long time or, it’s a recently formed relationship can be difficult. Perhaps it’s just for yourself!  St Dwynwen’s Day – Welsh Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Wales on 25th January and the rest of the world is on 14th of February. Valentine’s Day is not just for loving your ‘other half’. Celebrating love for anyone, such as parents, best friends and appreciating colleagues.

Whatever the reason, we at Executive Swift Travel have the perfect Valentine’s Day chauffeur services gift.

Box of Chocolates

But first, let’s think about how it makes someone feel and loved when they receive an unexpected gift.

This true story took place a number of years ago.

There was a food distribution centre owner who worked tirelessly to get his small business off the ground. He did it with the help of his chosen team. One particular member of the Finance team took it upon herself to work 7 days a week and long hours. It was all about wanting to make this business succeed as much as the boss.

After a number of months of reaching their business goals of the now successful business, the owner decided to gift two fully paid holiday tickets. It was well deserved for the relentless hours put in and because the member of staff was away from her family through this period.

His staff member was absolutely surprised and delighted from this unexpected gift.  Sometimes it’s nice to have more than a box of chocolates – not that we wouldn’t appreciated them. There are many ways to give at any time of the year.  Valentines Day can be super special to show whomever you love that you appreciate and want to celebrate with them.

Hiring A Chauffeur this Valentine’s Day

At Executive Swift Travel we would love to be a part of your story. Whether it’s for your loved one or someone you would like to commend at the office or otherwise. We provide a luxury chauffeur driven service to any UK destination. If you are going to gift a Valentine’s get away abroad, you can pre-book your valentines day chauffeur service with us.

Should you be returning from a break away, we can help continue your happy memories by with our airport pick up service and taking you straight to your destination in comfort and style.

However you celebrate this Valentines – we can make it a simple pleasure with our airport transfer service.

long distance wait and return taxi service

Wait and Return Service 

A wait and return service is when a client is taken to their destination by an Executive Swift Travel driver and the driver waits for your return. The driver usually waits until the client is ready to be returned to their original pickup point or sometimes to another place. Each service is tailored to the client and their needs. If we can find a better solution we shall recommend this for consideration as part of your journey.

Who Uses Wait and Return Services?

Anyone can use Executive Swift Travel’s Wait and Return Service as it calls for many different situations. We work with anyone who would like peace of mind that their driver is available when they return. You can travel in comfort as there is no waiting for public transport. For groups we provide a cost effective service.

Why use Wait and Return Taxi Service?

Although we are not technically a wait and return taxi service, we do offer wait and return long distance taxi services. Clients use the service to visit places of interest around the country. This can include shopping from one city to another, such as from Cardiff to Manchester or London. It’s for those who do not wish to stay overnight.

Sometimes executives have a meeting in Birmingham and need picking up from Swansea or need to travel from Cardiff to London. We drive to the destination and wait for the client for when they are ready to travel back. There are many different scenarios for a wait and return service.

If you require a wait and return service, all we ask is that you chat with us at the time of booking. We can provide you with the best luxury chauffeur service, which we are known for.

Upon contacting us we will determine what your requirements are, such as:

  • driven to one destination, wait and return service
  • driven to destination, wait and return and then taken to another destination
  • the number of people that we will driving
  • will there be different pick up or drop off’s for your party

How much does it cost?

We charge a competitive fee for the wait service. However, it will depend on each journey and how long you would like the driver to wait. If you want to have peace of mind of a chauffeur car waiting for you, and taken door to door, book your wait and return ride today.

Corporate Travel Cardiff

Event and Meeting Corporate Travel

Event and Meeting Corporate Travel

Preparing for an important meeting or event can be a nerve-racking and stressful time. This article gives advice to corporate professionals on ways to ease anxiety, carefully plan, arrange details, travel safely, and arrive on time at the venue. You have two choices on Corporate Travel Cardiff and south Wales– use your own transport or hire an executive transport company.

Who is Traveling to the Meeting or Event?

One of the first things to consider is who will be traveling to the meeting or event and when they will be needed?

Every employee who is attending and working at the event will need to know their responsibility. This will include arriving at the destination on time, properly prepared with the appropriate equipment and materials.

With this information at hand, you can decide the best means of transportation to the meeting or event. Certainly, if there are a several people travelling from the same point, it will almost certainly be cheaper to use a larger vehicle which will be able to carry all the passengers and the materials needed for the event or meeting. Sometimes you will have to ship the materials to the meeting place beforehand giving you enough time to set up properly.

Getting Prepared for the Meeting or Event

Regardless of the type of event or meeting your first impression should be a positive one and you must be dressed accordingly.

This is even more important if the event or conference is split over several days and you wish to wear different clothes each day. If you are travelling from a hotel then you should bring enough professional clothes and unpack as soon as you check in to the hotel to avoid creasing. After placing your clothes in the wardrobe, check if anything does need ironing and arrange for this to be done immediately so that you do not forget and your clothes are ready when needed.

Even if you are travelling from home make sure that your professional clothing is fully prepared the night before and you are ready on time. Remember to leave plenty of time to apply last minuets touches such as makeup and accessories before travelling to the event.

Prepare Your Travel Arrangements

It is important to know ahead of time exactly where you need to go for your corporate event or business meeting as you must avoid arriving late. If you are travelling to a large office or conference centre, it is also worth checking exactly which entrance you need to arrive at to avoid any last-minute panic when you get there.

It would be helpful if:

  • You allow extra time to avoid obstacles such as heavy traffic, accidents, lack of parking spaces or trouble finding the building. Even if you arrive too early, you can use the time to go over your notes and mentally prepare for the meeting.
  • Keep your contact information at hand as this may be needed to advise your contact of a delay, request parking instructions or get directions in the building.
  • You check the parking availability beforehand, the traffic congestion and find the suite or office where your meeting will be.

Corporate Travel Cardiff

One way of avoiding getting lost, arriving late or not finding a nearby parking space is to organise Corporate Travel Cardiff to your meeting or event. Executive Swift Travel can be your first and only call as we will manage your transportation logistics from beginning to end. 

Our experienced transport coordinators will assist you and your group to ensure that the transportation experience is seamless.  Executive Swift Travel provide top-class corporate transportation service for business meetings from local board meetings, to sales meetings and corporate events. 

We have luxury cars and are highly selective in our drivers, particularly their background checks.  We look for integrity, skill and a professional demeanour in our private drivers.   

Our team are well experienced in knowing the best route to take and will extend every professional courtesy to you.  We will meet and surpass your individual and group corporate event transportation needs. Our goal is to always exceed expectations, even those of the seasoned corporate travellers.

Executive Car Services Cardiff

We pride ourselves in offering a professional and prompt journey in exceptionally presented vehicles paired with expert drivers. Many of our vehicles have privacy windows for a relaxed journey and are beneficial when working with high profile clients. You can trust our priority is always our client.

All vehicles are impeccably maintained for the utmost in reliability, comfort and appearance. Executive Swift Travel is dedicated to safety and quality in every detail. Our luxury vehicles come with rear climate control and can accommodate 6 passengers with luggage during Covid-19. Normally we can transport at 7 people at a time.

All our executive vehicles come equipped with the following services:

  • WiFi
  • Refreshments
  • USB charging points
  • Masks and hand sanitiser
  • Leather interiors
  • Air conditioning
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Professional concierge trained drivers
  • Range of vehicles up to 7-seater
  • Additional luggage space
  • Extra leg room

We are always available to make reservations, schedule changes and answer billing questions. Our administrative team will work closely with our experienced chauffeurs to ensure that your pick-up is punctual. If you would like to book from another country do reach out. We are available online and you can book us in advance from your home destination.

 The Executive Swift Travel team has been providing corporate transportation services for over 20 years. For outstanding executive transportation services that exceeds expectations contact Executive Swift Travel.

Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport

Impact Of COVID-19 On Public Transport

Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport Implications

How Safe Is it to Travel on Trains And Buses?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport restrictions have been put in place to limit transmission of the virus and ensure the safety of passengers and key workers. As the UK has now come out of lockdown and normal service has been continued on many routes we investigate whether it is safe to travel on public transport or should you take a private vehicle hire in Cardiff and South Wales.

A lot of the potential risk of infection on trains and buses depends on how crowded they are and if it is possible to social distance at stops, stations and on board.

Coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales small droplets packed with the virus into the air.

These droplets can enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth either directly or after touching a contaminated object. The risk of transmission is higher in enclosed spaces such as public transport.

Good ventilation helps the movement of air so being able to open windows on public transport can alleviate the problem.

Essential Travel Restriction On Public Transport Lifted In Wales

The Welsh Government lifted the essential travel restriction on public transport on Monday 17th August 2020 which opened trains and buses to more potential passengers.

The essential travel message was introduced to prioritise the travel of key workers as well as those with no alternative mode of transport.

The requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in Wales remains in place, although there are some exceptions such as being unable to wear one because of an illness.

Transport providers must cope with this new normal and its impact affects all areas from staffing, cleaning, and timetabling.

According to data from Google mobility reports, visitors to all public transit locations such as bus and train stations have still fallen compared to pre Covid-19. Now people do not trust being near others or in enclosed areas for a long period of time.

Covid-19 Passenger Advice When Using Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

The following advice is given to passengers whether they are traveling in private car hire in and around Cardiff.

  • Avoid gathering in groups and stay out of crowded spaces when possible, especially at stops
  • Continue social distancing and good hygiene measures including washing your hands before putting a face covering on and off
  • Using a mask when riding in a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • Sit in the back seat on the other side of the car from the driver to maximise social distancing
  • Avoid contact with surfaces frequently touched by others such as door frames, handles, windows, and other vehicle parts
  • Use contactless payment wherever possible
  • Use no-touch bins and doors when available
  • Place credit cards in a receipt tray rather than by hand if possible
  • Ask the driver to improve the ventilation in the vehicle if possible
  • After entering or leaving a vehicle use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
  • When you arrive at your destination wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport Advice

There are several steps that Cardiff COVID-19 Public Transport suggest that passengers undertake to reduce their risk of infection:

  • Avoid transport if coughing or if already health comprised
  • Sit alone
  • Avoid touching anything if possible (including handrails and straps)
  • If you choose to wear masks or gloves, then change them frequently
  • Commute during non-peak times
  • Consider alternative modes of transport such as walking and e-bikes (cleaning the handlebars before use)
  • Take a less busy route and reduce the number of changes
  • Buy a ticket in advance where possible or use contactless payment
  • Keep at least 2 meters away from people “where possible” and take “suitable precautions”
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after completing your journey

How we, at Executive Swift Travel, are working through Covid-19

Executive Swift Travel abide by the taxi safety charter which includes:

  • All passengers and drivers must wear a face covering
  • We keep a bottle of 60% alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel in the vehicle
  • We avoid handling cash and accept all major debit and credit cards
  • No passengers can sit in the front of the vehicle
  • We keep the vehicle well ventilated and open windows when possible

After each passenger journey the cars are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned using antibacterial sprays, which include:

  • Doors and door handles
  • Seats and seat belts
  • Charging points and leads
  • Exterior of hand sanitiser bottles
  • Card payment devices
  • The rear of the front seats and other surface the passenger(s) may have touched or coughed/sneezed on

We reserve the right to deny service should potential passengers have symptoms such as a persistent cough, high temperature or loss of sense of smell and/or taste.

A full Welsh Government report can be found here:

Taxi from Cardiff Central Station

Private Transfer from Cardiff Central Station

Executive Transport from Cardiff Central Station

If you are travelling on business to Cardiff or South Wales the fastest way to get there from major cities in the UK such as Birmingham, London or Manchester is by rail to Cardiff Central Railway Station. If you travel by road then it is possible to get caught up on the M4 near Newport. After a long jouney the best way to get to your hotel os to take a taxi from Cardiff Central Station.

This article looks at how to travel from Cardiff Central Railway Station to your hotel.

We have broken down the hotel locations into three sections

  • Hotels that are in easy walking distance of Cardiff Central Railway Station. Although the weather, your luggage or uncertainty of the directions may dissuade you from walking
  • Hotels that are within the City of Cardiff but are too far to walk from Cardiff Central Railway Station
  • Hotels where the nearest mainline station is Cardiff Central Railway Station but are outside Cardiff

Public Transport Options from Cardiff Central Railway Station

Changing Trains at Cardiff Central Railway Station

It will be possible to travel to some of the hotels outside of Cardiff city centre by changing trains at Cardiff Central Railway Station.

Examples are:

  • Voco St David’s Cardiff in Cardiff Bay on the Cardiff Bay line
  • Rhondda Heritage Park at Trehafod on the Rhondda Valley line

The main issues with changing trains are:

  • The waiting time for the connection
  • The walk from the railway station at the hotel at the final destination

Changing onto a bus at Cardiff Central Railway Station

Ever since Cardiff Bus station, which was located at the front of Cardiff Central Railway Station, was closed there have been issues with train and bus connections in Cardiff. If you are a busy individual, we advise you to choose another method of transport to your hotel in Cardiff or South Wales.

Taxi or Private Transfer from Cardiff Central Railway Station

The taxi rank and private car pickup point is located at the back of Cardiff Central Railway Station.

At peak times, you may have a long waiting time for a regular Cardiff taxi, so it is worth considering a luxury private transfer from Cardiff Central Railway Station to your hotel. This will eliminate the waiting time as your executive vehicle will be waiting outside the station. You may save money if there are a group of you as our private executive vehicles in Cardiff can transport up to 7 people at a time. Due to Covid-19 the maximum our vehicles can currently hold is 6 people. This is to keep safe social distancing between the group and the driver, keeping everyone safe which is a priority for us.

In addition, you can then use the same executive transport to take you from your hotel to all your meetings, functions, and events in and around Cardiff in comfort, style and safety.

All our vehicles come with:

  • WiFi
  • Refreshments
  • USB charging points
  • Additional luggage space

Hotels in Walking Distance of Cardiff Central Railway Station

The following are the 4 and 5-star hotels in Cardiff that we would consider a reasonable walk from Cardiff Central Railway Station:

  • Hotel Indigo – 15 Minutes
  • Hilton Cardiff – 15 Minutes
  • The Royal Hotel – 5 Minutes
  • Park Plaza – 15 Minutes
  • Jurys Inn – 15 Minutes
  • Cardiff Marriott Hotel – 5 Minutes
  • Holiday Inn Cardiff City – 13 Minutes
  • Radisson Blu Hotel – 5 Minutes
  • Clayton Hotel – 5 Minutes
  • The Riverhouse – 10 Minutes
  • Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel & Spa – 20 Minutes
  • Novotel Cardiff Centre – 15 Minutes

Cardiff Hotels in not Walking Distance of Cardiff Central Railway Station

The following are the 4-star hotels in Cardiff that we would consider too far to walk from Cardiff Central Railway Station:

  • Future Inn Cardiff Bay 1.3 Miles
  • voco St. David’s 1.3 Miles
  • Mercure Cardiff North Hotel 3.4 Miles
  • The Copthorne Hotel 4.9 Miles
  • Holiday Inn Cardiff North 5.4 Miles

South Wales Valleys Hotels From Cardiff Central Railway Station

The following is not an exhaustive list of 3 and 4-star hotels with 20 miles of Cardiff Central Railway Station but are hotels that we regularly take guests to:

  • Miskin Manor Hotel And Health Club
  • Fox And Hounds Barry
  • Victoria Inn Cowbridge
  • Heritage Park Hotel, Trehafod Rhondda
  • Blueberry Hotel Pontypridd
  • Central Guest House Treforest, Pontypridd
  • New House Country Hotel Caerphilly
Private Taxi Transfer to Cardiff Airport

Private Taxi Transfer to Cardiff Airport

Book A Taxi To Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport is often criticised because of the limited direct routes that it serves but with Qatar and KLM airlines you can get to most destinations in the world with only one change. This article looks at the pro and cons of using public transport, driving yourself or taking a private taxi transfer to Cardiff Airport.

How To Drive To Cardiff Airport

Most people will use the M4 to get to Cardiff Airport but if you live in South Cardiff such as Cardiff Bay, it may be more convenient to take the route via Barry.

The airport is close to the village of Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan which is to the west of Cardiff.

Below are some distances to Cardiff Airport from mayor towns and cities in Wales and West England:

  • Abergavenny     46 Miles
  • Bristol                 56 Miles
  • Cardiff                16 Miles
  • Chepstow           45 Miles
  • Cwmbran           31 Miles
  • Newport             27 Miles
  • Port Talbot         33 Miles
  • Swansea             42 Miles

How To Drive To Cardiff Airport Road Using The M4

Exit junction 33 on the M4 and follow the signs to Cardiff Airport along the A4232, A4050 and A4226.

Access to the drop off/pick up area, Meet & Greet and Short Stay car park is accessible via the Eastern approach (Port Road) and Western approach roundabout signed A4226 and B4265.

Access to the Long Stay car park is via the Eastern approach (Port Road) only.

How To Drive To Cardiff Airport from Cardiff or Barry

  • Head southwest toward High St on the A4161
  • Turn left onto B4267
  • Take the fourth exit at the roundabout onto A4232
  • Take the A48 exit toward Cardiff West
  • Take the first exit at the roundabout onto Port Rd
  • Go through 10 roundabouts
  • At the eleventh roundabout, take the first exit toward Porthkerry Rd
  • Then take the third exit onto Rhoose Rd
  • Turn left toward Cardiff Airport

Drop Off At Cardiff Airport

There is a free drop off area outside the terminal building which you can stay at for up to 10 minutes. If your 10 minutes are exceeded the cost thereafter is £5 for every 10 minutes. Please note this area is for drop off only and vehicles must be attended at all times. Payment can be made via pay on foot machines in the drop off area.

If your drop off is going to be longer than 10 minutes consider parking in Long Stay 1 where you will have 20 minutes parking free of charge. From Long Stay 1 there is a short walk or free shuttle bus ride from the terminal building. You can pay for your parking at a machine in the car park or in the arrivals hall.

There is also a special assistance vehicle available for passengers with reduced mobility.

Pick Up Off At Cardiff Airport

The following options are available:

  • For the first 10 minutes for £1 in the Short Stay car park which is close to the terminal building
  • You may wish to consider parking in Long Stay 1 where you will have 20 minutes parking for free.

Parking at Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport has car parking facilities.

The cost of parking in the long stay car park at Cardiff Airport ranges according to your duration of parking. 

The cost savings of using a professional Airport Transfer Services, such as Executive Swift Travel outweighs the price of parking, fuel and inconvenience.

How To Take The Bus To Cardiff Airport

The T9 service is a direct link to Cardiff Bay and Cardiff City Centre. The bus stop is located directly outside the terminal and costs £5 per person each way.

The T9 Route is: Cardiff Bay (outside Travelodge Cardiff, Hemmingway Road, Atlantic Wharf) – Cardiff City Centre (Canal Street) – Cardiff Airport.

Services are available up to every 20 minutes with free travel on weekends.  To view the T9 bus timetable.

The 905 provides a direct shuttle between Cardiff Airport and Rhoose Railway Station.

Services are available every hour Monday to Saturday and every two hours on Sundays. Here is the 905 timetable. 

The 303 bus between Bridgend and Barry also stops at Cardiff Airport. 

How To Take The Train To Cardiff Airport

Trains run from Cardiff Central to Cardiff International Airport railway station every hour from Monday to Saturday and every two hours on Sundays. The average journey time is 36 minutes and the cost is £5.60 per person.

There is also a route available where you must change at Bridgend however, this route takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

A shuttle bus service from the train station to the airport is available for passengers, the journey takes approximately 10 minutes and there is a small charge of £1 per person.

Private Taxi Transfer to Cardiff Airport

The problem with the bus and train routes to Cardiff Airport is that you must get to the centre of Cardiff or Cardiff Bay before you can take the bus or train. This will add to the cost but will also significantly add to your journey time. The cost also adds up if you are travelling as a family or in a group.

If you drive and leave your car at Cardiff Long Stay parking the costs can get quite high if you are staying for a longer period.

If you are lucky enough to get a lift to the airport then your costs will be extremely low apart from the cost of the petrol but one seat in the vehicle will be taken up by the driver.

If you do not have access to a vehicle, there are a number of travellers or you are going on a longer trip then almost certainly taking a Private Taxi Transfer to Cardiff Airport will be your best option.

Book your taxi to Cardiff Airport today

Low-cost airline, Wizz Air to Establish Base at Cardiff Airport

Wizz Air is set to establish a new base at Cardiff Airport.

The airline will allocate one Airbus A321 aircraft to the Welsh Government-owned Cardiff airport, a new airport for Wizz Air’s services. They will launch nine new leisure routes with the potential for significant capacity and new route expansion from the Rhoose-based airport.

It will fly to destinations including Alicante, Faro, Larnaca and Tenerife, as well as seasonal routes during the summer to Corfu, Heraklion and Palma de Mallorca and routes to Lanzarote and Sharm El Sheikh during the winter season.

The new base is expected to create 40 direct jobs and more than 250 indirect jobs. The new routes, which will have capacity for 350,000 passengers a year will begin a phased commencement from next March.

Cardiff Airport will be Wizz Air’s 4th UK base alongside London Luton, Gatwick, and Doncaster Sheffield airport.

Wizz Air UK’s fleet will grow to 14 aircrafts and the addition of these new routes from Cardiff Airport means a growth to 132 routes from 11 UK airports.

The investment is a major boost for the airport and secures the first low-cost carrier since the demise of Bmibaby. Wizz Air has been attracted on commercial terms with no financial backing from the Welsh Government.

It will also allow Cardiff to fight back against the loss of passengers in its core catchment area of South Wales to Bristol Airport, due to its low-cost carrier offers in EasyJet and Ryanair. Pre-pandemic more than 1.5 million passengers at Bristol originated from South Wales.

The announcement follows a period of recent expansion for the airline, with Wizz Air UK opening new bases at Gatwick and Doncaster Sheffield Airport in October and adding an eleventh aircraft to its London Luton operation in July. Wizz Air currently operates 14 planes in the UK, with 132 routes from 11 UK airports which it plans to increase to 50.

If Cardiff Airport’s initial routes prove profitable the expectation is that Wizz Air will increase it presence at Cardiff Airport. Where travel restrictions have been lifted, Cardiff Airport has already benefited from converting pent up demand. The rollout of the new Covid-19 vaccines will further increase the demand for leisure travel.

Executive Transfer Cardiff Airport

There is a massive pent-up demand for holidays from the UK and there is no better way to start your 2021 holiday than take an executive transfer to Cardiff airport using Executive Swift Travel for your Wizz Air flights.

Our large, luxury executive cars are the best way to get your holiday off to a flying start offering door to door service for up to 7 passengers (6 during Covid-19).

If Covid-19 restrictions are still in place at the time of your holiday, then you can rest assured that Executive Swift Travel will be adhering to all health regulations to assure you a secure journey to and from Cardiff Airport.

Covid-19 Measures in Place at Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport have been working with all their partners including airlines, shops, cafes and restaurants, plus UK Border Force ensure there are the best preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus at Cardiff Airport.

Cardiff Airport have gone over and above the guidelines from both UK and Welsh Governments and the following measures have been put in place at Cardiff Airport:

  1. Enhanced cleaning of the whole Airport throughout the day and night, plus a deep sanitisation before the terminal re-opens
  2. More hand sanitiser stations added throughout the Airport
  3. Social distancing for staff and customers, keeping 2m wherever possible
  4. New protective screens in areas such as check in, boarding gates and immigration desks
  5. Increased signage and floor markings to help everyone understand the changes to the airport and remind everyone about the safety measures
  6. Displays of all the relevant UK and Welsh Government advice and information
  7. Introduced a team of ‘Airport Stewards’ to help customers with the changes throughout the terminal and to be on hand to answer any questions
  8. All Airport teams are wearing appropriate PPE as required, including face coverings in all areas
  9. Passengers are asked to wear face coverings when travelling through the Airport before they fly and when they land at Cardiff Airport
  10. Encouraging contactless payments throughout the Airport where possible
  11. Asking only customers and the Cardiff Airport staff to enter the terminal buildings
  12. Training of airport teams about COVID-19 and the safety measures that have been put in place


Executive Chauffeur Transport Cardiff

Conference Destinations near Cardiff, South Wales

Conference Destinations near Cardiff, South Wales

There is no doubt that Cardiff is a leading destination in the UK to hold conferences and events of all shapes and sizes. Why not hire Executive Chauffeur Transport Cardiff to get to your event in safety and style?

Below we list some of the unique destinations that Cardiff has to offer. In the list we haven’t included accommodation, this is because it’s quite likely that you will stay at the conference or event destination if accommodation is available. Instead we are focussing on unique locations where you may need to take executive transport in Cardiff or South Wales to your conference or event destination.

Event organisers chose Cardiff and South Wales due to its array of venue options however the are is also a fantastic location due to the:

  • Excellent restaurants, bars and nightlife in the centre of Cardiff
  • Coastal location with excellent leisure activities
  • Amazing culture and history at the castles and museums
  • Good transport communications by air, road and rail
  • Some of the best sports stadiums in the UK
  • Fantastic shopping right in the city centre

Transport to Conference and Event Destinations Outside Cardiff

Singleton Park Campus Conference Transport

Swansea is more of a town than a city so if your event is at Singleton Park Campus you may choose to book an executive taxi and stay in Cardiff to enjoy the shopping and nightlife.

Set in parkland overlooking Swansea Bay, the Singleton Park Campus offers over 100 versatile spaces to suit all meeting and event needs. From traditional lecture theatres to large flat-floor spaces, it can accommodate events of all shapes and sizes.

The Vale Resort Conference Transport

The Vale Resort is a nice 4 star hotel with 12 multi-functional conference suites and can cater for 10-700 delegates comfortably. However, if you like the nightlife and shopping in Cardiff you may benefit from hiring a private executive car.

University of Glamorgan Conference Transport

Conferences and meetings at University of Glamorgan’s purpose-built centre can be held for up to 250 delegates using the very latest in technology, furnishings and facilities. There is little to do near the University of Glamorgan facility so you will be better off staying in Cardiff and travelling to your event using an executive car on a daily basis.

Transport to Conference and Event Destinations in Cardiff

Transport to Conference at the Principality Stadium Cardiff

The iconic Principality Stadium is located right in the centre of Cardiff and can be reached on foot from most city centre hotels. In cases where the weather is not so good, it may be a better option for you and your colleagues to book a private taxi from your hotel to the Principality Stadium.

Transport to Conference at the Cardiff City Stadium

Cardiff City Stadium is home to an amazing football team as well as the Welsh national team. The modern venue has a wide choice of conference rooms and is located about a mile and a half from Cardiff city centre, so it is probably best to book a private taxi to take you to your event at Cardiff City Stadium.

Transport to Conference at Sophia Gardens Cardiff

The quaint cricket ground has been transformed into an impressive state of the art stadium with superb event facilities. Although in the city centre, its location is at the back of Sophia Gardens park which means talking a walk through the city’s main park. Wales is known to be one of the rainiest part of the UK and walking through a muddy park might not be the best idea. In these cases an executive car that can take you door to door is the best option.

Transport to Conference at Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff

Wales Millennium Centre provides a vibrant and inspiring setting for a corporate event with a selection of function and meeting rooms designed to cater for business conferences. Wales Millennium Centre is in Cardiff Bay, so you will need an executive car to take your there if you are not staying in the Bay at a hotel such as the Roco.

Transport to Conference at th e Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

Motorpoint Arena Cardiff has over 5000 sq. metres of fully integrated event space under one roof and is a multi-purpose event centre. It is located in the centre of Cardiff, near the St Davids centre and can be reached by foot from a number of Cardiff city centre hotels.

Transport to Conference at City Hall Cardiff

When you are brought up in Cardiff or South Wales you presume that all cities have a civic centre like Cardiff. Well they do not! City Hall is the centrepiece of one of the world’s finest civic centres, an area of prestigious buildings, gardens and broad avenues. City Hall is walkable from most of the hotels in the centre of Cardiff.

Transport to Conference at the Nations Centre Cardiff

The Nations Centre is located 3 miles from the centre of Cardiff can hosts a variety of conferences from a small syndicate to a 900 seated auditorium. If your event is at the Nations Centre the best option is to stay in the centre of Cardiff and take an executive taxi from your Cardiff hotel to the Nations Centre

Executive Chauffeur Transport Cardiff

If you are staying in or around Cardiff the best way to get your your conference in south Wales is to use Executive Chauffeur Transport Cardiff.

We can transport up to 7 people and can arrange to have more than one luxury vehicle if you have a large group.

Your own private executive taxi will come equipped with the following services:

  • WiFI
  • Refreshments
  • USB charging points
  • Leather interiors
  • Air conditioning.
Private Transport From Cardiff

Public or Private Transport From Cardiff During COVID-19

Public or Private Transport From Cardiff During COVID-19

Private Transport From Cardiff

You may be planning a business or private trip and are wondering whether to select public or private transportation from Cardiff. Here we discuss the pros and cons of both public or private transport from Cardiff

How does the COVID-19 Coronavirus spread?

COVID-19 Coronavirus is a respiratory virus, which spreads primarily through contact with an infected person through droplets generated by coughing or sneezing. The virus can also spread by being inhaled from contaminated hands and surfaces. It is still unknown how long the virus can survive on surfaces, but research suggests that it can last a few hours or more.

COVID-19 on Public Transport

Public transport systems are considered a highrisk environment due to:

  • The high number of people in a confined space with limited ventilation
  • No way to identify potentially sick persons
  • A variety of common surfaces to touch (ticket machines, handrails, door knobs, etc.)

Reduction Of Contact

Maintaining physical distancing will reduce the capacity of public-transport systems to between 15 and 35 percent of prepandemic levels. Trains, metros, and trams travel on fixed lines and run at maximum occupancy during peak periods.

The following options are being put in place to reduce the exposure of public transport staff:

  • Staff should only be available in information booths or desks with sufficient distance to passengers
  • Rear door boarding may temporarily replace the front door access of buses, in order to protect drivers that do not have separate cabins
  • Reduced ticket inspection
  • Installation of plastic screens on buses and trains to put barriers between staff and travellers
  • The wearing of face covers
  • Passengers to undergo temperature screening before entering public transport
  • Stagger operation throughout the day
  • Requirement for seat reservations

Reduced Service

Reduced service may be introduced if:

  • The risk level is high
  • If staff availability becomes too low to sustain regular operation
  • Maintenance routines for equipment and rolling stock is affected
  • Crowd controls and station closures are introduced

It could be a long time before physical distancing is no longer required.

Careful management and safety measures may allow public-transit authorities to accommodate more passengers, so they can help economic recovery without contributing to a recurrence of COVID-19.

Transport operators will also need to use technology to constantly monitor demand and manage scheduling.

Private Executive Transport Cardiff

Private executive transport is also required to introduce government measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We, at Executive Swift Travel, have introduced safety measures which include:

  • Providing passengers with masks during the journey
  • Hand sanitiser is available upon entering the vehicle and throughout the trip
  • All vehicles are disinfected after every journey
  • Social distancing rules are being followed


So, as well as providing a more comfortable environment private executive transport will:

  • Get you to the airport safely, on-time and stress free
  • Arrive at your destination fresh and on-time for your business meeting
  • Take you to see some of beautiful, nearby leisure locations if you are staying in Cardiff or South Wales


Customer Sentiment

In surveys conducted over the past few weeks, travelers have showed a strong preference towards making use of private rather than public transportation.

With ‘social distancing’ as the new norm, it will be interesting to see if there will be any permanent public behavioural changes relating to the use of public transport. The authorities will have a major job regaining public confidence to use busy bus and rail services after the crisis.

This may have an impact on Transport Decarbonisation Plan as if public transport for masses is no longer a viable option

Private Transport From Cardiff

Executive Swift Travel has over 20 years’ experience in the chauffeur industry and has been recognised for its professionalism.

All drivers receive regular updates from traffic control straight to their phones via apps and our team.

All drivers have extensive knowledge of national motorways and popular routes. If there are any delays, drivers will always use their knowledge to reroute the journey to get you to your destination as soon as possible.

Airport Transfer from Cardiff to Heathrow Airport

Airport Transfer from Cardiff to Heathrow Airport

Airport Transfer from Cardiff, Wales to Heathrow Airport

One of the few downsides of living in or near to the wonderful city of Cardiff is the lack of a major International airports with good connections to Europe and the rest of the world. Even before the demise of FlyBe, which led to the cancellation of the Cardiff to Paris Charles de Gaulle route and COVID-19 related suspension, travelling internationally could be a major headache due to the connection waiting times in Amsterdam and Paris. This has led to a reliance on London Heathrow Airport for Cardiff and South Wales passengers. This article discusses the options of an airport transfer from Cardiff to Heathrow Airport (including the rest of South Wales).

Train to Heathrow Airport from Cardiff or South Wales

Unfortunately, although the rail track from South Wales to London Paddington goes close to London Heathrow Airport it does not stop at the airport. This requires a change at London Paddington to the Heathrow Express. Travelling by rail to Heathrow from Cardiff and the South Wales has the following disadvantages:

You first need to get to a station on the main South Wales to London Paddington line.

You could be lucky and live very close to Swansea, Neath, Bridgend, Cardiff or Newport stations, and can walk to the station, if you just have a small amount of luggage. However, this is only for the lucky few and most people have to travel to the main line station by bus, train, taxi or using a lift from a friend before taking the inter-city train to London.

The cost of rail travel from South Wales to Heathrow Airport

Rail fares have crept up over the years and travelling to London could cost more than £75, peak times can become very expensive. If there is a group travelling the cost of rail will reach hundreds of pounds. Alternatively passengers can get a tube from London Paddington to Heathrow however this will take over an hour. The additional costs related to taking a train including the £15 Heathrow express can add up and often travelers might find it cheaper to book an airport transfer that has a door to door service.

The time taken to rail travel from South Wales to Heathrow Airport

Although there is no disputing the fact that trains achieve much faster speeds than cars of buses, the change of train in Paddington increases the time of the journey can be significantly longer than a car. This situation is made worse if your flight is not from Heathrow terminals two or three, when another change (along with your luggage) will be required.

Bus to Heathrow Airport from Cardiff or South Wales

There is no doubt that travelling by National Express or on similar coach service, is the cheapest way to get from South Wales to Heathrow Airport, but it is also the slowest.

Firstly, you have to travel to one of the National Express bus stops to board the bus.

Secondly, there are the pick-up and drop-off steps along the way (different stops on different buses). Once you have arrived at London Heathrow the time that it takes to move between and wait at the different terminals seems to be never ending.

Lastly, you cannot choose what time you want to arrive or leave. The fixed timetable means that you could be at the airport 5 hours before your flight or be waiting for you bus for 2 hours. In many cases if travelling in a group it is cheaper to book an airport transfer.

Self Drive from South Wales to Heathrow Airport

If you can find a friend who is willing to drive you to Heathrow Airport, and back, then go for it as you are lucky person.

However, this luck does not fall to many of us. If you choose to drive your car will have to be left at one of the car parks at Heathrow Airport. There are several options available, but the cheaper the parking the further away from Heathrow Airport your car will be. This requires you to wait for the shuttle bus which can add up to an hour to your journey from South Wales to Cardiff Airport.

It can also be stressful driving over 2 hours before a long flight and then having to drive back after a long journey home. This is why people often choose the ease of a door to door service.

Private Airport Transfer to Heathrow Airport from Cardiff or South Wales

Booking a private airport transfer from South Wales to Heathrow Airport is definitely the fastest, most convenient way to travel, as you will be taken from door to door without any changes. The cost will be partly determined by the quality and the number of seats in the vehicle that you hire.

If there are a group of you, it could work out that taking a private transfer from South Wales to Heathrow Airport is the cheapest option. Unlike other options you will be collected from your pick up point and will stop at only the places that you choose including multiple pickups and drop offs on your way to and from London Heathrow Airport.

Additionally, when you take a private airport transfer your driver can locate problems ahead and find alternative routes, which are not possible for buses and trains. 

Heathrow Travel Update

In 2020, 22.1 million passengers travelled through the UK’s only hub airport which was down 72.7% on 2019. Covid-19 related lockdowns and border closures led to a loss of 58.8 million passengers.

Some airlines used passenger aircraft to fly cargo only, helping to transport key essential equipment such as COVID-19 testing kits, PPE and respirators. Over 19,000 converted freighters travelled through Heathrow over the course of the year.

To reduce costs, while protecting front line roles, operations have been consolidating into Terminals 2 and 5 and switching to single runway operations for most of the year.

Heathrow Airport – The UK Hub

There are two types of airports, hubs and point-to-point models. Heathrow is the only hub airport in the UK – the remainder are point-to-point.

Over half of the 70 million passengers that use Heathrow each year are on long haul flights.

Hub airports work to create economies of scale by pooling demand for destinations and regular flights. At Heathrow alone, passengers can access 80 different airlines to 180 destinations in 85 countries – with transfer passengers being the key to making these flights viable. Airlines are able to maximise passenger numbers by filling flights with those using Heathrow merely as a steppingstone to somewhere further, which makes the route more viable.

Passengers benefits include:

  • Easier access to and from the airport due to more infrastructure surrounding it (e.g. trains, buses and roads)
  • A greater choice of holiday and business destinations
  • More frequent flights to destinations
  • Cheaper fares due to competition between airlines

Heathrow Airport Covid-19 Health and Safety

Heathrow has prioritised health and safety of colleagues and passengers, putting in place several measures including UV robots, UV handrail technology, anti-viral wraps, hand sanitiser dispensers, Perspex screens and the mandatory use of face masks.

Heathrow Airport Covid-19 Departures

When you are travelling to Heathrow Airport using public transport, face coverings are mandatory. Most operators have amended their services and have introduced limits on the number of onboard passengers to help with social distancing.

If you are driving to the airport, you can drop-off passengers as normal, but you will not be allowed in the terminal. There are car parking spaces in both long and short-stay and you can cancel your booking for free if your plans change.

To enter Heathrow Airport, you will need to bring your face covering as well as your passport and ticket for all passengers aged eleven or over. The face covering does not have to be medical standard, so a home-made one will suffice.

At Heathrow Airport:

  • They have introduced one-way systems to ensure social distancing
  • Trollies that are free of charge and are all fog-cleaned after every use
  • All toilet and wash facilities remain open with hand sanitising dispensers across the terminal
  • There is no need to check in – arrive three hours in advance for intercontinental and EL-AL flights and two hours in advance for European flights
  • All check-in and bag drop desks are fitted with protective screens and are regularly cleaned
  • The check-in lines all have floor markings to help you keep your distance
  • You can check-in online and use your mobile boarding card to go through to departures to reduce the number of touchpoints
  • Security trays and masks are regularly deep cleaned
  • Should you need to be searched, all of Security team will be wearing face coverings

Heathrow Airport Covid-19 Arrivals

Now the following rules are in place when arriving at Heathrow Airport

  • Face coverings are mandatory at Heathrow for all passengers aged 11 or over
  • Keep a safe distance and there are signs and stickers on the floor throughout the airport
  • Use eGates where possible
  • Use the width of your trolley to keep a safe distance when collecting your bags

Heathrow Airport Covid-19 Testing Capacity

Heathrow expanded its airport testing capacity with ExpressTest launching privately operated facilities at the airport and Collinson/Swissport building on their already established sites at Terminals 2 & 5.

The move was in response to the Government’s ‘Test to Release’ programme which gives arriving passengers the option to be released from quarantine on day 5, after testing negative for COVID-19.

After months of industry-wide calls for pre-departure testing, the Government now requires all international arrivals to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test, taken up to 72 hours prior to departure, before travelling to England and Scotland.