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Public or Private Transport From Cardiff During COVID-19

Private Transport From Cardiff

You may be planning a business or private trip and are wondering whether to select public or private transportation from Cardiff. Here we discuss the pros and cons of both public or private transport from Cardiff

How does the COVID-19 Coronavirus spread?

COVID-19 Coronavirus is a respiratory virus, which spreads primarily through contact with an infected person through droplets generated by coughing or sneezing. The virus can also spread by being inhaled from contaminated hands and surfaces. It is still unknown how long the virus can survive on surfaces, but research suggests that it can last a few hours or more.

COVID-19 on Public Transport

Public transport systems are considered a highrisk environment due to:

  • The high number of people in a confined space with limited ventilation
  • No way to identify potentially sick persons
  • A variety of common surfaces to touch (ticket machines, handrails, door knobs, etc.)

Reduction Of Contact

Maintaining physical distancing will reduce the capacity of public-transport systems to between 15 and 35 percent of prepandemic levels. Trains, metros, and trams travel on fixed lines and run at maximum occupancy during peak periods.

The following options are being put in place to reduce the exposure of public transport staff:

  • Staff should only be available in information booths or desks with sufficient distance to passengers
  • Rear door boarding may temporarily replace the front door access of buses, in order to protect drivers that do not have separate cabins
  • Reduced ticket inspection
  • Installation of plastic screens on buses and trains to put barriers between staff and travellers
  • The wearing of face covers
  • Passengers to undergo temperature screening before entering public transport
  • Stagger operation throughout the day
  • Requirement for seat reservations

Reduced Service

Reduced service may be introduced if:

  • The risk level is high
  • If staff availability becomes too low to sustain regular operation
  • Maintenance routines for equipment and rolling stock is affected
  • Crowd controls and station closures are introduced

It could be a long time before physical distancing is no longer required.

Careful management and safety measures may allow public-transit authorities to accommodate more passengers, so they can help economic recovery without contributing to a recurrence of COVID-19.

Transport operators will also need to use technology to constantly monitor demand and manage scheduling.

Private Executive Transport Cardiff

Private executive transport is also required to introduce government measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We, at Executive Swift Travel, have introduced safety measures which include:

  • Providing passengers with masks during the journey
  • Hand sanitiser is available upon entering the vehicle and throughout the trip
  • All vehicles are disinfected after every journey
  • Social distancing rules are being followed


So, as well as providing a more comfortable environment private executive transport will:

  • Get you to the airport safely, on-time and stress free
  • Arrive at your destination fresh and on-time for your business meeting
  • Take you to see some of beautiful, nearby leisure locations if you are staying in Cardiff or South Wales


Customer Sentiment

In surveys conducted over the past few weeks, travelers have showed a strong preference towards making use of private rather than public transportation.

With ‘social distancing’ as the new norm, it will be interesting to see if there will be any permanent public behavioural changes relating to the use of public transport. The authorities will have a major job regaining public confidence to use busy bus and rail services after the crisis.

This may have an impact on Transport Decarbonisation Plan as if public transport for masses is no longer a viable option

Private Transport From Cardiff

Executive Swift Travel has over 20 years’ experience in the chauffeur industry and has been recognised for its professionalism.

All drivers receive regular updates from traffic control straight to their phones via apps and our team.

All drivers have extensive knowledge of national motorways and popular routes. If there are any delays, drivers will always use their knowledge to reroute the journey to get you to your destination as soon as possible.