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Tips for the Best Corporate Assistant

Travel booking for your boss can be tricky, especially when there are a number of destinations to consider. Here are some quick tips for the best corporate assistant.  Even a seasoned personal assistant who is great at their job can make a mistake. 

Mistakes by The Corporate Assistant

I remember my assistant regaling a story of an Executive Assistant (EA) who made the itinerary mistake. This EA worked for a law firm CEO and booked an appointment for her boss to be at a meeting at 1pm down south. Easier  that morning at 11am the CEO was traveling to Scotland!

We totally understand that this could happen to anyone.  Unfortunately for this particular EA it was office gossip – her reputation was tarnished and her colleagues were not as forgiving for the many mishaps that continually took place. 

Even experienced EA’s and personal assistants can easily make a little mistake that can lead to larger problems if their bosses diary doesn’t fit the set schedules. 

At Executive Swift Travel we provide peace of mind when you schedule with us to go anywhere around the UK as part of your bosses business plans. 

We ask questions to help navigate the best experience for you as an executive assistant, and for your boss. 

Here are 4 quick tips that you probably already use, but it doesn’t cost anything to add these to your side board to check against so that you don’t make the mistake of the law firm EA. 

Travel Booking Tips for Assistants

1. Discuss the details of travel as in depth as you can. As you’re aware your boss has a hundred and one things going on in their head. They want you to be their right hand person and think for them when it comes to travelling and reaching their destination. Prior to any meeting away from the office, discuss as much detail as you can about their upcoming travel. From reviewing where they will be prior to travel to arrival at the destination city, the hotel they may want to stay at to meeting their contact. Let’s not forget there could be other travellers involved too. 

2. Ensure there is enough room either side of the travelling for rest. 

Before moving on to their next meeting every boss needs a good rest. It gives them time to regroup everything they have said, agreed or done from their previous meet up, or day. 

3. Discuss whether the travel method fits within the budget?  Using an executive chauffeur in place of other transport can usually be cost effective.  For example, if there’s more than 1 person travelling. Besides, the convenience of being picked up and dropped off is one of the best feelings of being secure and safe. Remember some chauffeur companies may offer a wait and return service. This could be a great way to ensure your boss gets to their next destination on time. 

4. Pack everything they may need. Having a charger for the phone is one of the most forgettable assets. With a busy CEO or executive continually on calls a phone charger is a must. Executive Swift Travel provides in-phone chargers – so we have that covered for you! Your boss can continue to work as Wi-Fi is included in the car. Let us assist you with your bosses itinerary.

There are many amazing personal assistants who play a fantastic role. We hope you find these tips for the best corporate personal assistant useful. If you have any of your own experiences as a Corporate Executive, feel free to drop them in and we will compile and make them available. 

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