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Wait and Return Service 

A wait and return service is when a client is taken to their destination by an Executive Swift Travel driver and the driver waits for your return. The driver usually waits until the client is ready to be returned to their original pickup point or sometimes to another place. Each service is tailored to the client and their needs. If we can find a better solution we shall recommend this for consideration as part of your journey.

Who Uses Wait and Return Services?

Anyone can use Executive Swift Travel’s Wait and Return Service as it calls for many different situations. We work with anyone who would like peace of mind that their driver is available when they return. You can travel in comfort as there is no waiting for public transport. For groups we provide a cost effective service.

Why use Wait and Return Taxi Service?

Although we are not technically a wait and return taxi service, we do offer wait and return long distance taxi services. Clients use the service to visit places of interest around the country. This can include shopping from one city to another, such as from Cardiff to Manchester or London. It’s for those who do not wish to stay overnight.

Sometimes executives have a meeting in Birmingham and need picking up from Swansea or need to travel from Cardiff to London. We drive to the destination and wait for the client for when they are ready to travel back. There are many different scenarios for a wait and return service.

If you require a wait and return service, all we ask is that you chat with us at the time of booking. We can provide you with the best luxury chauffeur service, which we are known for.

Upon contacting us we will determine what your requirements are, such as:

  • driven to one destination, wait and return service
  • driven to destination, wait and return and then taken to another destination
  • the number of people that we will driving
  • will there be different pick up or drop off’s for your party

How much does it cost?

We charge a competitive fee for the wait service. However, it will depend on each journey and how long you would like the driver to wait. If you want to have peace of mind of a chauffeur car waiting for you, and taken door to door, book your wait and return ride today.

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