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Why Your Organization Should Arrange Christmas Airport Transfers

We will be continuing our Christmas Airport Transfers. When you arrive at the airport this Christmas, you can have your own chauffeur waiting for you.

If you’ve been hibernating under a rock then you’re unlikely to know that most of the world has been in lockdown. Saying that, some of us have had no choice but to remain inactive until we opened up our doors to the world. 

Now that we are able to I think we are making the most of it. With that comes the seasonal celebrations. 

Working from home (oh there I said it – the much used phrase) has meant we have been away from our colleagues and friends for some time. Businesses have opened up and have allowed a fraction of their employees to return.   Some have returned in stages to comply with safety and health regulations. What this means is that we may not get to see all our team members. this is why your organisation should consider arranging Christmas Airport Transfers for your colleagues. 

So this Christmas, if you have the opportunity to visit your colleagues in another city or country, you may want to consider hiring a proper chauffeur service.

Here are some great reasons to use a chauffeur service this Christmas!

Safety : it is best to be safe than board jam packed trains whereby social distancing and mask wearing seemed a thing of the past. 

Reliable – knowing you have a trusting driver waiting with his/her car to transport you back to your destination. No more waiting to hail a cab in the morning in London when you may live in Swansea.  No more waiting to to use public transport, worse still – get in your car whilst you’re still steaming drunk.

Ease – arrive in style in your own chauffeur driven luxury car for the airport. We can drop off or pick up to another city in the UK.

Comfort – imagine using a real chauffeur service that drives you back in comfort to the airport. Executive Swift Travel Christmas Airport transfer  will get you to the airport so that you can catch your flight on time after the festive season.

At Executive Swift Travel we are known to provide a 5 star service.  Our speciality includes airport transfers and providing executives with the best chauffeur experience. 

What are you waiting for? Book your 5 star journey today to and from the airport.

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