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A Different Airport Taxi

We sometimes get asked how we differ from airport taxis. Although it’s ‘only’ pick up or drop off to and from the airport, there are some aspects to consider. We give you the low down on how we differ from airport taxis. 

Whether you are travelling for business, a quick get away with the family or for pleasure on your own, it is important to have safety in mind. Executive Swift Travel offers you 4 key points to consider when choosing the right airport transfer, which we shall come to in a moment. 

Airport Taxi v Professional Airport Transfer

But first, we look at some differences between the two. When you book a professional airport transfer service such as Executive Swift Travel, you are guaranteed (not including circumstances out of human control, such as ash cloud) to get you to your destination on time. 

Most recently a client we picked up explained how she had booked an airport taxi in advance to find that they sent a text to state they were running late. As there were two pick ups for this one client, both her colleague and she were concerned they would’t get from Cardiff Airport to Heathrow on time. This was causing undue stress and when the driver did arrive, he drove outside the driving limits set causing further distress to our now clients. 

Since then she vowed to use a professional, bookable service and we have had the pleasure of being the businesses preferred choice for airport travel.

Being safe for anyone is paramount. No driver should make any passenger feel unnecessary stress.

Picking up luggage and placing it in the boot of the car can be charged as extra by taxi drivers. With a professional service, you will find that they will do all the extras for you. In our cars, we include refreshments, in-car chargers and more to help make your journey comfortable.

We have a set price and don’t charge on the meter. So if there is a need to divert due to road blocks this is all included in the initial price. Checking our online tracker means that we rarely get into situations where we need to divert. Our drivers are on the ball when it comes to transporting you to the airport to catch your flight. 

Whether you arrive at the airport knowing your way around or, your new to the country, there is no looking for your driver and wondering whether he/she has turned up. Your Executive Swift Travel driver will be waiting to meet and greet you with a personalised placard. 

4 Key Points Choosing Airport Transfer

There are 4 key points to choosing the right airport transfer company:

  • Safety – fully licensed and insured 
  • Knowledge of roads – in case there are issues ahead, such as accidents
  • Professional and friendly drivers – provide a fantastic and comfortable customer service
  • Reliable – they will turn up and take you to your destination

Choosing the right and best airport transfer service is important. We boast of our 5 star independent reviews. To book your airport transfer service to or from Cardiff, contact us today!

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